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The SGI-NL Culture Center is not open during regular office hours or weekdays. Please call first before you visit. On this page you will also find FAQ. If you still have other questions, please contact us.

SGINL-Culture Centre Amsterdam
van Kinsbergenstraat 6
1057 PP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel. +31 (0)20-737-1520

Frequently Asked Questions  FAQ’s

Q:  I’m looking for an SGI-NL Center near me.
A:  In The Netherlands, we have one Culture Center, in Amsterdam. Please call before you visit.

Q:  I am looking for SGI members and meetings in my neighborhood.
A:  Please call the SGI-NL Center or follow the link to the Email form.

Q:  I am an SGI-NL member relocating/traveling to another country. How do I connect with members there?
A:  Please obtain a Letter of Introduction from the office in Amsterdam,  and bring it with you. You can use this link to obtain the form for a Letter of Introduction. If you want more information, please contact your District or Chapter leader.

Q: Can you tell me which countries and territories have SGI members?
A:  Follow the link to a list of SGI Centers worldwide

Q: Where can I get SGI publications? Accessories for my altar?
A: Books about Nichiren Buddhism and accessories such as Gongyo books, incense, prayer beads (juzu), bells and Butsudans, are available in both SGI Centers and via e-mail, please read this newsarticle. Many books are also available on Soon we will open our own webshop.

Q:  How can I subscribe to the Indigo, the monthly Study Journal of the SGI-NL?
A:  Follow this link to the Email form.

Q: How do I contact SGI President, Daisaku Ikeda?
A: If you want to send a letter, photo or report to President Ikeda, please do so by contacting your District or Chapter leader. They will ensure your letter or report is translated into Japanese.